Soulmate or Cellmate-U is half of us

Soulmate or Cellmate-U is half of us
admin Monkvyasa

admin Monkvyasa

16th September 2016

The immaterial part of man (spirit) regarded as immortal which is subject to salvation or damnation, existing independently, the true self, and the organ/vehicle of emotion thought and will-that is the soul. This exists in every human being. But it is not a whole, meaning, it is not complete in itself. It needs and seeks a counterpart to be full filled, at rest, to feel satisfied, satiated and at equilibrium.

Every man has a woman in him and vice versa. The concept is -yin yang, darkness light, black and white, positive negative, God Devil, good evil, sound and silence is same as the Indian philosophical idea of "ardanareshwara". They are equal and opposite. One cannot exist without the other, if it does then there is something intrinsically basic missing. The degree may vary but the dichotomy remains. When these opposites equalize then you have a perfect man. Every man needs a mate-preferably from the opposite sex. If it is a meeting of minds then you have a SOULMATE. This phenomena is often misunderstood and misconstrued. Your soulmate need not be your girlfriend, wife or husband. Age, social status, race etc is of no consequence. You may feel it in a flash, in one glance, at first meeting or it may slowly be absorbed and permeated into your mind over a period of time.

It does not happen often and to everybody .There is and can never be a set place, time or situation when the 'third eye' opens up and realization strikes. What is the realization? It is the fact that you are incomplete and you have found out another person who can make you complete.

There are some factors which inevitably come in the way to thwart this feeling of joy and to misdirect. This happens to most people. The conditioning since childhood, society the major spoilsport, inevitably derails you at every step. It is the people who make society, but unfortunately, the opposite seems to be true.If you are serious about having, discovering-yes it is a major discovery -a soulmate, then you have to in the words of Bob Marley -"open your eyes, look within, are you satisfied with the life you are living".

All of us are absolute hypocrites. We are acting and pretending all our lives. Since childhood we allow parents, teachers, elders and society to mould our minds. To dictate about life, its goals, how to go about it. Also what to wear, eat, study, work etc. Religion and culture is drummed into our heads. How many of us are allowed and encouraged to expand our minds by reading, travelling, experimenting and making mistakes-which is the real learning tool.

If you are really looking for a soul mate, then first 'LOOK WITHIN' and do not be surprised by what you see. You have to change and become broadminded-in thought, action and deed. Learn to accept people for what they are. You will never ever meet a perfect human, since God itself-who is supposed to be the creator, nurturer and destroyer is imperfect. Perfection is only in theory not possible in reality or practice.

In today's world, try not to use the electronic media for your search, it will mislead you and will be waste of effort and time. You have to feel the person's presence, the aura, the eyes, the presence - all this is very important. Trust your gut feelingintuition. Do not back off for fear of rejection. Persist in your effort honestly .If it works out fine, otherwise at least you tried and know the feeling. Normally the 'soulmate phenomena' is supposed to happen once in a lifetime. This is so simply because it can be a traumatic experience, especially if the feeling is not mutual or not reciprocated for whatever reason. It is very difficult to be really honest about the real self to another person. People may accept their dark side to themselves but telling another person, especially the opposite sex about your true nature-that is another ballgame, with very few serious players. Remember you may lose a lot, but if you win-meaning it works out, man, you got it made. There can no happier person on this earth or beyond ,than one who has found a soulmate.

From personal experience, you can and you will find a soul mate intentionally or otherwise. Accept it, work on it, wallow in it and enjoy, simply because it will not last forever.

After all-"it is better to have loved and lost rather than not loved at all''.