Retrograde Mercury in New year 2016

Retrograde Mercury in New year 2016


Monkvyasa Astrologer 12th September 2016

With the beginning of 2016 Mercury retrogrades on January 05, 2016 (Tuesday) at 18:36 in Capricorn and Mercury becomes progressive on January 26, 2016 (Tuesday) at 03:20 in Sagittarius. Total Retrograde days are 21 and out of these 21 days Mercury will spent almost half of the period in each sign.

Mercury signifies how we communicate and interact with others. Whenever Mercury goes retrograde there is a tendency for all traits of this planet to show some kind of reduction in organizing things. Mercury rules all means of communication, computers, cars, cell phones, travel, travel schedules and all things related to how we communicate and utilize these methods of communication. It is also related to trade and commerce, accounts and banking. Mercury is a dual planet commanding two zodiac sign-Gemini and Virgo. It rules our nervous system, lungs, ear and arms. It also represent logic, if your Mercury is strong you may possess excellent reasoning. It also shows intelligence, wit and humour in a person.

Generally when Mercury retrogrades in the house of Capricorn, one should avoid any conflict with people of other cardinal signs namely Aries, Cancer and Libra. People become introspective. Enthusiasm and ambitions may decrease to some extent. An error in official work is also possible. If Mercury becomes retrograde in the house of Sagittarius, there may be some troubles and disturbances in education, research and higher studies. Travelling plans may be postponed on some pretext. Rift among celebrities are also possible. Trade and commerce seem delayed.

Don’t tell my computer crashed down. Use your energy in positive manner to explore the possibilities ahead, instead of taking a back seat assuming it is not the time to push forward. It is a time to reconnect with your old relations, if not with professional associates. This is also a time to research, ponder, think and make up your mind to do things further, if not now. You may use this period to refresh yourself to recollect energy for further endeavors. Reorganise your desk, workplace and remove what is no longer useful to make room for the new. Use the Mercury retrograde time in a constructive way, and you'll be refreshed and renewed and ready to move forward when Mercury changes course. Mercury gives good results in 2, 4, 6, 8. 10 and 11th houses and shows malefic results in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12th houses. Mercury remains alone for almost full period of retrogration barring some time with Venus in Sagittarius before becoming direct in movement. Effects on various signs are as follows:


Mercury, being the lord of your third and sixth house, present in your tenth house and later would be shifted to your ninth house. In 10th house, it is benefic in general and provides new status and promotions. If you can be a little calculative, you can win over your enemies or rivals. Your source of livelihood will see increment in many ways. While in your ninth house, your capacity to discriminate may fall down. Sagittarius is Jupiter’s hose and inimical in effect, so avoid mental restlessness and

argument in workplace. Try somehow to use your rational power to cope up with this situation. Even you may be accused without your fault or you may be deceived by others. Don’t take whimsical decisions and remain careful towards ambience to face retrograde Mercury.


Mercury is your 2nd lord and 5th lord and posited in your 9th house and 8th house, while in retrograde position. Mercury only gives bad results in 9th house. Don’t cross your limit on anybody’s provocation. If you are scheduled to start any new projects, defer it until 26th of January. Your efforts may not produce fruits for you. Don’t buy expensive items now. Unproductive tasks should be avoided during this period. You may have to undertake worthless travels. While it is in Sagittarius i.e. in your 8th house, it will produce good results in many ways. Your mental peace and brilliance may produce extra-ordinary results. You will restore your physical health also. You may get government favour or if eligible and applied for, you may get a prestigious job.


Mercury is your sign lord and also of your 4th house and placed in your 8th house for around ten days and remaining period of 10 days will be in your 7th house. It will be a favourable position and will give you opportunities to fulfill your desires and ambitions. You may get a job or promotion during this period. One more thing, you may get instant money from share marked by taking calculated risk. On home front also, you will be a happy person. While retrograde mercury in 7th house, you will have to remain alert and avoid conflict at your home as well as your workplace. You should accept your wife’s verdict on issues that can create unnecessary arguments. Don’t even create disputes with your superiors, you will be trapped.


Mercury is the lord of your 3rd house and 12th house and posited in your 7th house for first ten days and in your 6th house for remaining period of its retrograde movement. While in 7th house, you may find an alien environment around you. Everything may happen against your will and desire. If in any partnership business, you may be deceived by him or as a minimum he will create troubles for you. So, take an initiative and avoid misunderstanding with your mates. While in 6th house it will give you breathing space to re-orient your being. Your subordinates will obey you and you will excel. You may get an employment opportunity in government sector. Only issue that may be hampered is your educational pursuits. You may be appreciated at your workplace.


Mercury is the lord of your 2nd house and 11th house and placed in 6th house for first ten days and in 5th house afterwards till 25th of January. You will be courageous and daring to achieve your goal. If you are in a writing profession, you may be awarded or valued for your writing. You will get success in all your efforts. People will support you and you may create another source of income. There may be mental satisfaction and peace of mind. But when Mercury will move to your 5th house, your

income may fall down or your extra source of income may dry up. You may have to face scarcity of resources. You may be victimized for things you may not have done. You may be deprived of government favour. You may also face scolding from your superiors.


Mercury is your sign lord and also the lord of your 10th house and positioned in your 5th house and 4th house respectively for ten days each. While in Capricorn, it will not give good results. You will be worried for nothing. You may become lethargic and postpone your even important tasks. People will not rely on your words or you may be misunderstood by others. You may invite enmity owing to your unethical actions. You will be accused for no fault of yours. While retrograde Mercury in your 4th house, you will be tremendously benefitted. Your intellect will become sharp and you will use it wisely. You may get some wonderful suggestions and plans from your colleagues. Your annoyed relatives will come to help you whole-heartedly. Improvements in workplace will bring peace to you.


Mercury is the lord of your 9th house and 12th house and placed in your 4th house and 3rd house respectively for 10 days each. Your first 10 days will be a happier moment fulfilling all your endeavors. You may be respected and honoured by your society. Your inland and overseas travel will be fruitful and rewarding. You will be regarded as a reliable asset by your superiors. If in business, your business trips will also be a success. You may become famous in your business circle for your wit and acumen. While retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius i.e. in your 3rd house, you will face harassment and torture from your enemies. Your earned money will be spent on unnecessary purchases. You may have to obey others orders and your attempts will go in vain.


Mercury is the lord of your 8th house and 11th house and placed in your 3rd house for initial 10 days and in your 2nd house for rest 10 days. Also your sade-sati is running at its peak, i.e. Saturn is transiting from your zodiac sign. So, additional carefulness is required for whole retrograde period. While retrograde Mercury is transiting from Capricorn, there may be fear of enmity from your friends and also from government establishments. So keep all your paper works updated and if any tax is due, pay it at first opportunity. While retrograde Mercury will transit from your 2nd house, you will feel yourself fortunate. You may start earning favours from government and higher authorities. Your earning will shoot up to your expectation and calculation. There may be gains in business.


Mercury is the lord of your 7th house and 10th house and is retrograde in your 2nd house for first ten days and in your own sign for another 10 days before assuming progressive movement. You will take some good financial decisions to make your status high. You will be able to comprehend the ambience and take proper and rational decisions in your professional and personal life. Your enemies would be destroyed by your efforts. Domestic front will also give you happiness. When it comes to your own sign, it may produce some confusing results. You will ignore other’s opinion on the ground that ‘I know what I’m doing’. Money will be spent on wasteful things. Travel will prove sheer waste of time for you. Your prejudiced decisions will bring problems for you.


Mercury possesses the lordship of 6th and 9th house in your sign. Its retrograde movement is in your sign for first 10 days and latter ten days will be in your 12th house. It is a puzzling moment in your sign. You will start opposing others without a valid reason. You may lose money and suffer unplanned expenses. Howsoever hard work you put at your workplace, you will not be appreciated by your boss. If studying, you may find adverse results. When retrograde Mercury will be back to your 12th house, here again you will not be able to control your over expenditure. You will not get any support from your friend circle. You may be falsely implicated by others in any issue. As a precautionary measure, you should not take surety and guarantee for the approval of other’s loan, as you may be duped and as a consequence you may have to pay back.


Mercury is the lord of your 5th house and 8th house and placed in your 12th house for first 10 days and then move down to your 11th house for further 10 days. You may suffer mental agony on account of unwanted expenses. You may not have marital happiness at your home. Aimless wandering and fruitless efforts are possible. Your enemies will be strong and they may damage you. Don’t be reactive and rebellious, you may further lose your peace of mind. When retrograde Mercury will be in your 11th house, all good things will start coming to you. Health will improve. Your relationship with friends and relatives will become more pleasant and your financial health will also pick up. Persons related to accounts, auditing etc. will get good assignments with huge money.


Mercury is the lord of your two houses, 4th and 7th and posited in your 11th and 10th houses respectively. When in Capricorn i.e. your 11th house, your luxuries and comforts will increase. You may influence others and also earn money through eloquence of your speech. You may purchase some expensive items for your family happiness. Productive friendship will give your career a new boost. You may get good news from foreign and far off places. Your managerial skill will be appreciated by your boss. While retrograde Mercury in your 10th house, you may be promoted or given an additional responsibility with monetary benefit. You will easily win over your enemies and diffuse all back biting at your work place. More than one source of income will be generated. Travelling will bring appreciation for you.

We have seen that retrograde Mercury is not a limiting factor for everybody. If it is not able to produce good result for your sign, it is always better to postpone important paperwork, purchases and marital or romantic commitments. Actually retrograde Mercury gives you a pause in your hectic life to rethink, rebuild and refresh all your concerned issues.