Moon Transit & Its Effects.

Moon Transit & Its Effects.
Gagan Deep Chaswal

Gagan Deep Chaswal

7th November 2016

Science has also proved that our body consists of 70% water & with the waning & waxing moon oceans & rivers increases & decreases their water level. In astrology Moon has been called the significator of Mind. Irrespective of, your are passing through good or bad periods, this is a natural process that human being's mood swings very swiftly. 

                                   Somedays you feel happy, somedays are sadistic in nature & somedays are like mixture of both. We have no scientific reason for the same, & without any pre or post thought we struggle with these feeling every second point. If it is good then its ok but if its bad then we disturb ourselves internally & in the end fight with near or dear ones. 

                                                               Modern Science may not have prove the reason behind this but Vedic knowledge throws light on why it happens. In astrology, Moon has been called the controller of mental situation & majorly the emotional part of the mind, which includes feelings, mood & emotions. 

               In astrology, the entire universe has been divided into 360 degree which includes 12 signs. Chronologically they are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces. Astrology states that almost in 2 & half days moon changes the sign & transit to the next in the row. Almost within 27 days it completes the cycle of 360 degree which includes 12 signs of Zodiac.

                                      Astrology states that due to this speedy transits of moon, human beings state of mind always changes. Today you are without any reason feeling happy, but tomorrow vice versa, day after tomorrow may be confused & the cycle goes on.

                                For example according to your birth horoscope if Moon is good for you in Aries then you will feel happy when moon transits from Aries, & if Moon struggles in your Aries for you, then on those particular days you will surely suffer with the somewhat mental agony.

                                     Why not we should find out in which sign of our horoscope moon is comfortable & which transits of Moon make us sad or angry. I think with this small exercise you can avoid unknown events, unknown fights, sad feelings, etc

How to do it ?

Just find out the current planetary situations of the planets through internet. Find out where Moon is right now & at which degree. Every sign have 30 degrees & after completing 30th every planet transits into the next sign. So just make a calendar of Moon transits & observe very closely in which sign of Moon transits you feel better. While observing this activity you will surely find out that almost after 2 & half days your mind automatically changes the moods & feelings.

Gud Luck