Love, Lust and Marraige

Love, Lust and Marraige
Pt.Dhirendra kumar  Tiwari

Pt.Dhirendra kumar Tiwari

Monkvyasa Astrologer 25th February 2017
  1. Recently we celebrated love festival,ie..valentines day.And All persons in this world are in search of true love..As an Astrologer I encounter these common questions regularly.whether this person whom I use to love will marry me or not,when true love arrive in my life,My marraige life is not going well etc..And each and every situations we handle with most care..Because truth is true but its deliverance Should be very much optimistic way..And infact its also true that true love certainly arrive in life in certain time period..So the mentality,desire and positive energy are the key factors for holding this.
         I observe practically that major events related with love and marraige can be examine with the help of d-9 chart or navmans kundali..There are also many astrological  parameters and principles to varify these events.But d-9 chart is the key factors for observations of love and marraige so these are the key factors for observations of love in horscope...

1.venous responsible emergence of love passion in anyone.So when venous influence the 5th house,7th house or lagna with any type of relations and when its time arrived a great sense and passion of love arises.

2.when this venous romantic passion meet with marsh confidence arises to persue this passion for long run.I observed in many horscope when Marsh is away from venous combinations the person unable to proceed for love.

3.But this marsh should be healthy ie.own house,friend house and not debilitated or weak.other wise it proceeded for lust.And not companionship or trust in life.

4. And when this combination influence with jupitar a great postive energy arises. Sacrifice for love like passion arises..But here jupitar status should also be cheque.Because bad jupitar affects more adversaly than saturn.

5. And when this influence of love is affected with mercury a witty invironment is prevailing and this is also an essential for pursue the warmness of love.

6.saturn has also an important role for love.When saturn is healthy in d-9 chart and affects on romantic influence the invironment is so called sadiastic.And sometimes sorrow or grief are also make an important role for developing true love..

7.Moon is the mentality and sun is the soul.So when they met with this romantuc influence a great passion for love and attachment with soul is observed.

8. when This romantic influence affected with Rahu a dilemma is obseved and always a difficulty in selection with two or sometimes many.

But the characteristic of sign where these combinations is making and nature of stars also matters.Becayse a love may be proceed for lust and may be habituated for illicited relations..

9.And as far this love is for conversion of marraige is concern .This romantic influence should be conneted with the marraige house . 7th house..When both connected the love travelles to the reality of marraige other wise This love continues whole life without getting marraige.

10..But these accumulated combinations hardly discovered and life never experince the beauty of satiated,sustained and eternal love.

11.This love is only experience with connections of almighty,Sachidanand...And observation of this love is from different aspects. the person is happy when he find love.But for eternal love he has to go for spiritual flavour which is called bhakti....