Late Marriage - Reasons and Remedies

Late Marriage - Reasons and Remedies


Monkvyasa Astrologer 10th December 2016

Women are entering a new era, and the portrayal of what it means to be a woman is continually evolving. Education and career are top priorities for many a modern women, and many feel that they are too “busy”, or preoccupied with their career goals, to marry and start a family. So much so, in fact, that the average age to get married has been pushed back from the average age of 22 years old in 1980 to 30 years old in 2015. And this number is about to get higher. Modern women have other choices, and the pros of marrying late are starting to outweigh the cons. The major medical cons are chances of conceiving become less, defective children, caesarean delivery etc, but who cares!

                           I would like to make it very clear at this stage that delay in marriage is no more a problem, but a conscious decision. So, astrologers have a limited say in this social shift. However, still almost half of query, I deal daily through personal or online consultancy, are related to marriage. Fortunately, this ancient science of seers and sages is still competent enough to solve all issues related to modern life.

Probable causes:

Role of Saturn

Saturn is a natural malefic planet and most often causes scarcity and delay in everything. Also Saturn is notoriously famous for teaching a lesson in harsh and unsympathetic manners. So delayed marriages are mostly caused by Saturn when:

i) it occupies the 7th house in a birth chart,

ii) aspects the 7th house or 7th lord.

iii) conjoins, aspects and interchanges houses with the 7th lord and

iv) afflicts the karaka planet Venus in various ways, most disastrous is aspecting Venus or associated with Venus.

v) Saturn itself becomes the lord of 7th house, it should not be placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses because these three trika houses yield unfavourable bhavas when considered from both the ascendant and the 7th house. Saturn as the 7th lord in the 8th house also causes delay in marriage. Saturn won’t allow you to marry early, as you have still to learn many aspects of life.

vi) a person with Cancer and Leo ascendant, Saturn rule 7th house. They should marry late otherwise they may separate.

Role of Venus

                           Venus is a natural benefic planet with qualities of love and relationship. Venus is the natural karaka of the 7th house and will indicate a partner which is very romantic, beautiful, well dressed and well cultured in outlook. He will have a good taste of things in life and will keep environment pleasant even in the poorest of conditions, such people are always pleasant to be as they will induce you with their charm and positivity, they are like sweets the more you eat the more you want. Venus natural quality gets diminished when:

i) Venus conjunct with malefic planets like Saturn, Sun and Ketu or Saturn aspects Venus they damage the energy of Venus and can delay in marriage.

ii) Venus is combust, debilitated and retrograde; it becomes difficult for a person to take concrete decision, which causes delay in marriage.

iii) Venus is in the sign of Leo then delay in marriage is possible because Sun is the enemy of Venus.

iv) If Venus is sandwiched between malefic planet like Sun and Saturn it delays marriage, because they infused their malefic effect on Venus.

v) Venus is found in Kritika, Moola, Aridra or Jyeshtha Nakshatras gives very bad and inauspicious results.

Role of Jupiter

                        Jupiter is a benefic planet and responsible for making our life happy and contended. Jupiter in the 7th is not much of a beneficial position to have; it is like having a temple pundit in the bedroom. Jupiter mostly gives a very cultured and a loyal partner who will dedicate his life completely to your service if it is well placed. It controls many things in life like marriage, children, luck, wisdom and higher knowledge.

Jupiter is the significator of marriage in a girl's horoscope. So placement of Jupiter should also be observed before match making. If it is badly placed and malefic effect observed on it then there might be chances of late marriage.

 If Jupiter is debilitated, retrograde or combust, delay in marriage and create disharmony in married life.

A retrograde Jupiter for the Ascendant Gemini or Virgo especially in the 12th has often been observed to create complications in married life.

Role of Mars

                         Mars indicates Energy, Passion, Drive, adventure. Mars in the 7th house shows somebody who has all these traits. Mars shows fighters but with brains according to my experience, good mars will give a good strong brain. . Mars in 7th will give excessive sexual appetite and hence can indicate somebody who has animal instincts and possibility of physical abuse by a partner can also be there, forceful sex etc if afflicted.

 Mars also causes delayed marriage, but not always. If Mars is 7th house lord as in Libra lagna, aspected by malefic planets, marriage is delayed.

 If Mars is related to Venus in any way, there is chance of late marriage.

 If, there is Mangal dosha in kundali, then one should marry after the age of 28 years.

Role of Rahu/Ketu

                          Rahu and Ketu are strong malefic planets. Rahu in the 7th will give an unconventional marriage or a partner, there is a probability of marriage with a widow/divorcee, somebody with huge difference in age, financial positions, caste, education, intelligence, and there is some degree of unconventionality. Effects of ketu in the 7th can be judged somewhat like rahu in respect of unconventional and inter-caste marriage marriage, the difference is ketu gives a spiritual partner or may give somebody who is withdrawn into self, detached, he could be expert in occult, languages, programming, highly technical stuff might interest him, ketu if well aspected by jupiter can give a very spiritually advanced partner Rahu and ketu do not like conventions, and norms etc and hence show everything which has a tinge of unconventionality. If these are related to 7th houses or its lord and also if, despositor of these planets is ill placed or is malefic one, there is delay in marriage.

Role of Houses of kundali

                           Houses play equally important role in astrology. So the relevant importance must be given to the houses as well. 6th, 8th and 12th houses are malefic houses (also called trik bhav).

If the lord of these houses makes any relation with 12th house, there is delay in marriage.

 If 7th house from lagna, Moon or Venus are afflicted, there is delay in marriage.

If 7th lord goes to these houses then there is also delay in marriage.

Role of Navamansha

The navamsa chart is packed with information. However the best use of a Navamsa is for gaining more information in marriage. The lagna and the 7th house house are very important houses in the Navamsa Chart.

Never use the Navamsa without the Rasi Chart, the Bhava Chart. Use the Navamsa to reconfirm what is found in the Rasi Chart and Bhava Chart.

For example if the 7th house lord is in the 6th house in the Bhava Chart and then you also see in the Navamsa Chart the 7th lord is in the 6th house then the planets are indicating serious trouble in marriage

All the above points discussed must be reassured from Navamansha chart, since it is the chart of marriage and many aspects of marital bliss.

Role of Sun

                          This is the house where the sun sets in the west during the evening, hence sun is not much favorable in this house, sun represents discipline, rules & regulations, law, rulership etc with which it is not possible to enjoy marriage. Sun in 7th will make your partner much disciplined, strict, dominating who may be more concerned about his image in the outer world.

  Sun posited in 7th or aspect 7th house causes delay in marriage, it can also give ego problem in relationship.

Sun is the enemy of Venus. If Venus is in the sign of Leo then it creates chances of late marriage.

If 7th lord is sitting with Sun, Saturn and Ketu, it makes late marriage combination.


 There is a general belief that by helping the poor people in their marriages financially or otherwise will help in getting married easier.

Wearing proper gemstone, depending upon 7th house lords, to strengthen the weal planets related to 7th house also facilitates timely marriage.

 Worship of Goddess Parvati and God Shiva is very important. Fasting and praying to Shiva on Mondays helps.

 Worshipping God Krishna helps not just for marriage but for progeny also.

Worshiping Maa Katyayani who is the giver of married life bliss helps a lot in girl’s late marriage case.