Influence of Transiting Sagittarian Saturn in 2017

Influence of Transiting Sagittarian Saturn in 2017


Monkvyasa Astrologer 7th December 2016

                        Saturn is a teacher, judge, discipline lover, strict taskmaster and loves hard work. It’s a planet of hardship. Saturn doesn't make things easy. That's the role of the taskmaster of the zodiac. A person facing hardships and problems under the influence of Saturn starts trying to balance his sins. This is the difference of planetary influence. If you are facing problems due to Mars, you would be tempted to commit crime to wash out your problems. But if you are facing problems due to Saturn, you will like to go for spiritual solution. Saturn transits Scorpio to Sagittarius on January 26, 2017 ruled by benevolent Jupiter. It will be in Sagittarius till 23rd January 2020 and then move into its own sign Capricorn. Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius on 7th April and re-enters Scorpio on 21st June 2017. From 21st June to 27th Oct Saturn continues its journey in Scorpio and transits to Sagittarius yet again on 27th Oct 2017.In general, Saturn’s placement in benefic Jupiter’s house will reduce its malefic effects and make him shower progressive benefits. Depending upon our sign, Saturn will make many good and bad changes during its transit period in all areas of our lives including career, love, relations, wealth and health.


                      The lord of 10th and 11th house is placed in your ninth house. It has great possibility to surely impact your wealth and overall prosperity, as ninth house signifies luck and good fortune. The pace might be slow. You might be benefited from elders, friends etc. Saturn will be in the constellations of Ketu, Venus, and Sun so there will be quite variation in results throughout the period. Ketu is present in your 11th house and Saturn aspects on it, so it is advisable to you to defer some big business deals till 18th August when Ketu moves back to your 10th house. Also spend money on essential things only to avoid paucity of funds for genuine requirements.


                     Saturn is the lord of your 9th and 10th house and it will be transiting in your 8th house- The worst house of the chart. You are about to undergo mental, physical and financial hardship. Sudden and uncalled for setbacks will upset all your planning and programs. If you keep faith on almighty and bravely face hindrances and oppositions, you will be rescued by God. Since Saturn will transit in nakshatra Moola till 2 March 2018, there will hardly be any promising event. After August remain vigilant on your workplace, as many clients may lose their jobs. But you may develop alternative source of livelihood. Undesirable stress will occupy your mind due to very slow progress of your work.


                       As the lord of ninth house posited in seventh house, Saturn might give some favorable results, but as a lord of 8th house, it will give inauspicious results in your married life and business partnerships. Saturn will also teach you the true color of life. Friends and relatives will leave you alone in a mess. You may be transferred to an undesirable place. Displacement is quite possible. Tiring travelling may invite accidents or severe sickness. Otherwise also health will remain a prime concern. You might face confrontation with your elders. You might get cheated in business particularly from overseas. You may lose your status and goodwill in society also. Your all efforts might get spoiled.


                          Saturn is transiting from your sixth house and it is the lord of your seventh and eighth house. You will get all support and help from family members and relatives. Marital happiness will bring back your peace of mind. You will enjoy all sorts of comforts. Your status will improve. You will be promoted to a higher position or you might be assigned an additional responsibility with monetary benefits. This transit could involve dramatic shifts in your fortunes, for the better. Monetary flow will be enhanced and more than one source of income will be generated. You will win legal battles in courts and enemies will be defeated or will settle issues in your favor.


                      Saturn is placed in your fifth house and it rules your sixth and seventh house. The 5th house indicates any type of learning and wisdom. Here also Saturn is not capable of giving you good results. Higher education may get disturbed. You may underperform in examination or may not be able to crack any competitive examination. You will need to avoid any conflict at your workplace as it may culminate into quitting your job. Stay away from share markets otherwise you will have to bear losses in speculation. Till August Ketu will be in your seventh house, so marital discord is possible. You may be cheated by your partner. Health of spouse will also be a worrying issue.


                          Saturn teaches us the lesson of patience as it is very slow moving planet. It is the lord of your fifth and sixth house and posited in fourth house, so the transition of Saturn may bring unfriendly environment for the family members. It will only promote disharmony between you and your spouse, children and elders of the family. Keep your paper work updated as harassment from government is possible. As a lord of 6th it aspects your 6th house and this is going to be a matter of relief and you will come over all problems with minimum damage. Moreover, if you have applied for loan, you will get it. You will get mixed results in your professional life.


                     For Librans Saturn is supposed to be a yogakaraka planet and it is posited in your third house. All your efforts and plans will be successful. If you are systematic in your approach towards your profession and job, you will get amazing results. You will get better opportunities in Job. Business people will see growth in their endeavors. Social respect and authority will be enhanced. You might be elected or chosen for a public post. Good health will also support you to harvest maximum of available opportunities. Money from many sources will flow to you and you will accomplish all your pending works. Help and support from brothers and sisters will enlighten you.


                      Saturn is transiting from your second house and it is your 3rd and 4th house Lord. You are running in the last segment of 2 ½ years of sade-sati of 7 ½ years, although as a third lord, courage and daring approach may bring some success. This transit is going to prove less good and more inauspicious for you. There will be heavy expenditure and you may lose big money. Your financial status will decrease. Your subordinates will damage you. You might lose respect and face humiliation. Travelling will be fruitless. You will achieve very poor performance in job particularly if you are into media or performing arts activities.


                        Saturn is transiting from your sign. You are running at the peak of sade-sati. Family peace will be lost. You will be so confused that your capacity to discriminate between truth and untruth will diminish. You will have bad relations with your extended family, neighbors etc. The thing on which you should focus more is that Ketu will change in August to your 2nd house and will create more problems than you will be having till August. You may refuse good business proposals or job offers. Travelling should be avoided. Your hard work will create inadequate results. You may lose your self-respect and will be forced to borrow money. After august you may be cheated by your own known people.


                        Saturn is posited in your 12th house and it indicates the beginning of sade-sati. This transition may results in the loss of money, accidents. Huge loss in business is likely. Your hard work will earn no applause and someone else will be admired for your hard work. Mental worry and anxiety will be high. You may lose your job or other source of income only to face hardships. New employment will be hard to find due to your limitations. Due to lack of clarity in mind, no plan will be realistic and fruit bearing. Things will be delayed to a good extent and you will feel very irritated and dejected. Stay away from stock market.


                      The transit in the 11th house from your native Moon is a most advantageous transit by all ancient accounts. Many blessings could shower on you- lots of happiness, gains and honor can be expected. You will harvest the most of this transit as this is going to give you all kind of gains and benefits you have been longing for. Your career will rise, you will get more profits in business and you will have good relations with people around you. You will make good money and develop new connections with influential people. Relation with foreign people will be profitable. Your status will be increased. Your enemy will be in compromising mood.


                      Saturn is posited in 10th house and it owns the two houses of gains and losses for your sign. Lord of 11th in 10thhouse is a favorable condition and the lord of 12th house in 10this inauspicious. You should avoid any arguments at your workplace. The lower grade employees will cooperate with you but you will have to face the displeasure of superiors. In any case don’t quit your job. There will be always chance to lose all the earnings so avoid any investment plan. You will be forced to opt for meager salaried job to counter poverty. Health will be a concern and people with even slight bad Saturn will face hospitalization or hefty expenses on their cure.