How to conceive a baby boy/girl, an astrological explanation

How to conceive a baby boy/girl, an astrological explanation
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admin Monkvyasa

15th September 2016

Now we must know something about the astrological causes for the appearance of menses which lead to conception. The biological phenomenon of the monthly course in women occurs in a cycle by the interaction of the Moon and Mars in transit over their radical charts. You may take in this connection that the Moon stands for blood which is a liquid and Mars for fire. It is this fire that makes the blood overflow on certain days in the Months. In sanskrit the cycle mentioned above is termed Ritu meaning season. When the Moon in her transit comes to a non- Upacaya house continued from the Lagna in a woman’s natal chart and is aspected or conjoined with Mars, menses set in. These menses are cause of pregnancy. The Ritukula or the period of fertility of the ovum is said to be 13 nights after bath on the 4 th day. The impregnation or Niseka should take place on a night when the Moon has gone to an Upachaya house with respect to the woman’s natal Lagna, and the Moon should be aspected by Jupiter. The Ascendant for sexual union should also be a benefic sign or one with a benefic in it. If the male too has his Sun and Venus strong and in their own Rashis or Amsas in transit and if the night of union is even in that season, the event may lead to the birth of a male child.

The following are some of the Yogas leading to the birth of a son:-

The Sun and Jupiter in odd Signs

The lord of the 1st and 5th in conjunction and their mutual aspect, their being in mutual reception

Saturn being strong, posited in an odd house except the Lagna and not aspected by conjoined with any planet

All the male planets occupying the 6th and the 11th

The lord of the 5th house being very strong

All the major planets, viz; the Sun, Moon, Jupiter as well as the Lagna occupying odd houses ana Amsas. Note that all these Yoga refer to Adhana or impregnation. No doubt they can be applied while examining the 5th Bhava too.

The following are the Yogas leading to the birth of female child:-

The Moon, Venus and Mars in even sign

Conjunction of the Moon and Venus in the 5th or 10th house and their being in their own houses, their own Amsas

Rahu being in the Lagna and being aspected by the Moon

The Moon being in the Lagna and aspected by Rahu

Venus being in the Hora of the Moon

Venus being in a Kendra

The Lagna, Sun, Moon and Jupiter in even Signs and Amsas

Birth of Twins:- When Mercury occupies the Ascendant which is a dual sign or aspects such a Lagna, or when he is in the 10th, twins will be born. The sex of the twins should determined from the nature of the Rashi and Amsa occupied by Mercury. The idea is that if both the sign and Amsa are odd Rashi, both will be male, if one is odd and other is even, one of the twins will be male and the other female. If both are even, both will be female. Here is more Yogas for the birth of a twin

The Sun should be in quadruped sign and the rest being strong in dual signs

The Lord of the Lagna conjoined with Rahu in a sign belonging to Saturn should be aspected by Saturn and Mars

The Moon and Venus should be in even sign, or in dual Amsas, Mercury in the Lagna, and the Mars and Jupiter in odd signs

The Lord of the 1st and 2nd house are together in a sign and are aspected by Rahu

The Lagna and the Moon in even Signs being aspected by a male planet

Lagna is occupied by Rahu, its lord in the 10th along with a malefic, and four planets in their own or exaltation sign

The Sun and Jupiter in Gemini and Sagittarius aspected by Mercury

Venus, Moon and Mars in pisces or Virgo aspected by mercury.

Difficult Delivery: If there are malefics in the 4th and 7th houses from the Moon at adhana or query, if malefics aspect them, the mother will have severe labour pain

Abandonment of child by mother: If the Moon occupies the 7th house which is in trine to Mars and Saturn, the child is abandoned by the mother. But the Moon is aspected by the Jupiter, no such prediction would be right. The child will perish being abandoned by the mother, if the Moon in the Lagna is aspected by malefics, and Mars occupies the 7th house or if Mars and Saturn are in the 11th or the 2nd house. If the Moon is the above cases aspected by a benefic, the child will pass into hands of a person belonging to the class represented by the aspecting planets. If the aspecting planets are malefic, it will be rescued by wicked fellows, but it will die soon.