How past Karma affect your health through planets

How past Karma affect your health through planets
admin Monkvyasa

admin Monkvyasa

15th September 2016

The planets, zodiacal signs along with their Vargas or parts, houses and constellations possess particular qualities, good or bad, which are revealed in their respective periods and sub periods. All the effects revealed by a chart are deemed to be the result of one’s past Karma that has begun to yield fruits. Hence these fruits of Karma constitutes a person’s nature, tendency and mental and physical peculiarities, he finds that his efforts are no match for his nature or destiny. For, there is debt that he owes to nature. In other words, man cannot fight shy of reaping the fruits of what he had sown previously, of which, no doubt, he is not aware of present. All relationships, good and bad, all ailment, severe and trivial, are the effects of nature or debt due to nature. Accordingly, we learn from the medical science that when fever is on, it is nothing but the effects of a fight between the system containing disease- resistant and disease gems. If the debt is too heavy, then the battle goes in favour of the germs and the person pays off the final debt of nature. Hence all diseases are of the nature of debts, big or small.

According to Ayurveda illness is caused by vitiation of the various constituents of the body such as the seven Dhatus, three Dosha and Malas. In this connection Haritha states: “ the sin committed by a person in his previous life afflicts him in the form of diseases. But one could eradicate them by means of medical treatment, gifts, Japas, sacrifice and worship of Gods.”

Each of the planets is capable of causing many a disease when it is afflicted, powerless, ill placed or combust.

Eye diseases

Many malefics occupying the 2nd house and aspected by Saturn and weak benefic

Mars and Venus together occupying the 2nd house or sign or Amsa which is the debilitation of one and inimical house to the other.

Dumbness: the lord of the 2nd house occupying one of the Dusthanas along with the lord of the 4th house.

Naval disease: the lord of the Lagna and the lunar sign should be together in the 6th house with its lord.


The lord of the ascendant being posited in a Dusthana along with the sun cause a burning tumour

The Moon along with a malefic should be in the 6th and be aspected by a malefic, and Saturn should be in the 7th

The Sun, Moon and the Mars are to be together in the 6th house

Mars in the Lagna and lord of the 6th weak.

The waning Moon along with malefic is in the Lagna belonging to Saturn, or in the 6th or 8th house.

Saturn in conjunction with the Moon should be in the 6th or 8th

If sign Scorpio happens to be the 8th house, or the Navamsha occupied by the lord of the 8th

The Moon is hemmed in betwixt malefics, and Saturn is in the 7th.


The Moon, Cancer or Scorpio, Rashi or Amsa, being afflicted by a malefic

If Venus occupies the 8th house and gets the aspect of malefics

Mercury and the Sun occupying a Sign belonging to Jupiter and receiving the aspect of Saturn

The 7th house being a watery sign and occupied by Saturn, the Sun, Mars and Rahu.

Stomach diseases

Mars be in the ascendant when the lord of the 6th is weak

Saturn be in the 8th, and Rahu or a malefic in the Lagna

The lord of Lagna be in an inimical house or debilitated, and Mars and Saturn occupying the 4th house are aspected by a malefic.

The lord of the 8th house being weak, the ascendant is aspected by malefics, and the 8th house itself is occupied or aspected by Saturn

The Sun, Moon and Mars together occupying the sixth house.

Heart diseases

The Moon (in 1,4,6 or 8) hemmed in betwixt Mars and Saturn, and the Sun be in Capricorn

Such a Moon be also conjoined with the Sun in Capricorn

The luminaries exchanging Rashi or Amsa

The Sun and the Moon be in conjunction either in Cancer or Leo

Aquarius happening to be the 8th house or the Navamsha Rashi occupied by the lord of the 8th.

Throat complaints

The lord of the third house being conjoined with Mercury

A malefic in the third house along with Mandi or some other malefic

The Moon occupying the 4th house in a Navamsha belonging to the same Rashi and being conjoined with a malefic

Lords of the 2nd and 3rd house being conjoined along with Rahu

Both Mercury and Rahu being together in the third house.

Disease of teeth

The Moon or Rahu posited in the 12th house, Saturn in a trin, and the Sun in the 7th or 8th house

The above planets occupying Navamsas owned by malefics in depression or inimical house

Lord of the 2nd house together with Rahu occupying a Dusthana along with lord thereof

The Sun in the 2nd house, or the Moon in Leo, or Saturn in Cancer

Rahu or Ketu in the 6th house

Jupiter and Rahu in the Lagna

Illness at different ages

If Rahu be in the 6th and Saturn in the 6th therefrom, one would fall ill in the first year, and have eye -trouble in the third year

If the sun be in the 8th from the 6th house, and the Moon in the 12th therefrom, one would have danger from water in the 5th and 9th years.

If the lord of the 8th be conjoined with Rahu in the 8th house itself or in a Kona, one would suffer from glandular affliction in the 12th and 16th years.

If the lord of the 12 th be in the 6th along with its lord, one would suffer from enlargement of spleen in the third and nineteenth year.

If saturn be in the 8th and Mars in the 8th or 12th house, one gets nasal catarrh in the eleventh and thirtieth years.