Ganga dashehra

Ganga dashehra
Acharya Jai Prakash  Ojha

Acharya Jai Prakash Ojha

Monkvyasa Astrologer 22nd May 2018

Ganga Dashehra 24 May 2018 (Thursday)

In 2018, Ganga Dashehra will be celebrated on 24th May 2018, on Thursday.

Ganga Dashara is a major festival of Hindus. Jyeshtha Shukla Dashami is known by the name of Ganga Dashera. It is very important in bathing, donation.

Jyeshtha Shukla Dashami is considered as Sankhsurukuram, in which bath and donation should be done specially. Going on any river, make Arghya and Tilodak definitely.

It is written in the Vedic Purana that, on the day of Dussehra, on the day of Dussehra, the Ganga reads the psalm ten times, even though it is poor, even if it is unable, it also attains the fruits by worshiping the Ganga by effortlessly.

Ganga Dasharara is an important festival celebrated in Hindu religion, which all celebrate with great reverence. Ganga Dashwara Devi is a festival dedicated to the Ganga which is celebrated on the Dasami date of the Shukla party of the senior month, which usually comes in the month of May or June. Ganga Dussehra is also called Gangavataran, which means "Avatar of the Ganges".

On this day, a bath in the holy river Ganges is done. If a person is unable to go there, then he can take bath in the river or pond near his home, while meditating on Ganga Maiya. While meditating on Ganga, he should worship with hexadecondance. While worshiping Ganga, the following mantras should be read: - "Oom Namah: Uni Paryai Narayanye Daswariyaai Gangaayai Namah:"

After this mantra, offering five flowers of "Namah Namo Bhagwat Hoon Shri Shree Halei Hilli Mili Mili Ganga Maa Paya Pyaa Swaha" should be worshiped by the mantra of Bhagirathi for bringing Ganga on earth. With this, the place of origin of the Ganges should also be remembered. In the worship of Ganga, all things should be of ten kinds, such as ten kinds of flowers, ten smell, ten lamp, ten types of nayadya, ten leaf leaves and ten kinds of fruits. If a person wants to donate after the worship, then he also does ten types of things, it is good, but the donation of barley and sesame should be of sixteen fist. Dakshina should also be given to ten Brahmins. When bathing in river Ganges, it should take 10 times dip. On the day of Jupiter Shukla Dashami, the ten types of sins are destroyed by bathing the Ganga. In these ten sins, there are three sinful deeds, four sinful words and three sins are mental. All these people get salvation.