Emotions of Love Explained Astrologically

Emotions of Love Explained Astrologically


Monkvyasa Astrologer 12th September 2016

Love is as old as human civilization. Every other person defines love in his own way. Every walk of life like science, literature, psychology, philosophy and religion has a unique place for love. Scientists say love is a strong neurological impulse supplemented by hormonal chemistry. Philosopher will mix passion and compassion with commitment. Any religious person can declare love, a binding force. In any case, emotions play a vital role in understanding love. Moreover love has many dimensions- love for parents, spouse, children, nation, neighbor, God and so on… all have different reflections. So degree of love also has many shades-blind, one-sided, fickle, reciprocated, steadfast, tragic, misguided, unconditional etc.

Why do we experience emotions, and what makes us experience different types of emotions. What is the link between the sub-conscious and our feelings? How astrology is capable of measuring the magnitude of love? Is there any barometer of love, as it’s a matter of experience than weighing on any scale?

It can be explained with an integrated approach as mind, intellect, ego, desire, greed all involve in love angle. Those who have majority of the planets in watery sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are believed to be more emotional, thrilling, exciting and sensational. Many people who have an abundance of feelings and emotions have either Moon-Mars combination or Mars in the adjoining houses to one occupied by Moon (Mars in 2nd or 12th from Moon).

If Moon has the aspect of Jupiter or Venus, if Sun and Jupiter are conjunct (placed in same house), the feelings and emotions of the native will be of great help to ambience, as they run along righteous line. This is higher emotions or spiritual or happy emotions seem to come from the heart or the throat chakras. It is contrary to the ego-based emotions involving lower three chakras, which is self-centered or self-interest consciousness, I will explain later.


The Moon is one of the most important factors in astrology. It represents mood swings, instinct, sensitivity and the way we deal with our emotions, daily mood (immediate emotions, which are more energetic), our imaginations and intuition. Moon control tides, so also our emotions. It is also called luminary, it refers our reaction and not our action. It reflects our respond to personal stimuli, which are not of an intellectual order. It also represents mother and also the bonding of mother and child. It also indicates our popularity i.e. impact on anonymous crowd, as Moon is by nature instinctive, that’s why love at first sight happens. In a male’s chart, Moon also symbolizes the type of woman; one is more likely to be attracted to. However, other criteria are also taken into account in judging this. The placement of Moon will tell you the type of person you are drawn to. Suppose, if your Moon is in Gemini, you are like to get attracted to shining, light-hearted lively woman, whereas in Virgo, Moon refers to intellectual women despite both signs are ruled by Mercury. It also reflects past events and nostalgia-oriented precious memory, which is a magical herb in nourishing love garden. In a female’s chart, Moon integrates with general personality of femininity and unconscious reaction toward external stimuli.

Fifth House

Fifth house is the house of love and emotional intelligence, romantic partners, creativity, artist and the habit of loving and admiring. Fifth house is our loving expansion in mystic cosmology. When we express our love to any one, we are acting through the 5th house. Learning what we love, bearing others, accepting others, dating a man/woman, creative art, instrumental and vocal music session, healing touch are all 5th house activities. It’s a house of Dharma also, so it paves the way to us to evolve creatively to fulfill our destiny. It also indicates body part stomach i.e. our nourishment, so also contentment in life is shown by 5th house. In fact, most fulfilling things in life are concerned with 5th house- children, romantic partners; art and creativity are all ways that our individual mind connects with our deepest intelligence. Jupiter is the main indicator of the fifth house as Jupiter shows things that grow and expand us.

The Effects of Planets in the Fifth House:

The Sun in the fifth house shows creative mind and fulfillment of uplifting values. The Moon in the fifth house indicates higher powers of intuition and the love of learning and knowledge. It shows highly romantic nature. Mars in the fifth house reflects a love of competition, a yogi or yoga teacher, good mathematician or good at martial art. Mercury in the fifth house brings brilliant communication skills. Jupiter in the fifth house represents a natural guide and excellent teacher. Venus in the fifth house makes you great artist, musician. It also reflects fondness for woman and soft and feminine things. Saturn in the fifth house makes you nostalgic, lover of old and reliable. Rahu in the fifth house shows lack of harmony and synchronization and rebellious creative style. Ketu in the fifth house shows high level of intelligence and discrimination. It reflects inclination towards greater good rather than personal fulfillment.

Your Moon Sign

The Moon in our natal birth chart represents our most basic, instinctual nature. It is the essence of who we are. What does your Moon placement say about you?

Aries: A short tempered, your emotions are easily fired up. You have a foremost need to achieve.

Taurus: You are interested in maintaining physical security. Your temperament is practical but your emotions are loyal.

Gemini: You always feel intelligent, so you easily express your emotions. Communication is good.

Cancer: Your emotions are so protective that sometimes it becomes suffocating. You are extremely sensitive.

Leo: You always want to remain in limelight. Your emotions are subject to the need to feel important, appreciated and extraordinary. You are very liberal and will give love easily.

Virgo: Your emotions are based on practical insights. You expect a lot from others. You love the right things.

Libra: Gaining popularity is your instinct. You prefer emotional harmony and what is fair and judicious. You praise beauty.

Scorpio: Though your emotions are intense, you don’t trust others. You are self-sufficient and want to control.

Sagittarius: You want your opinion to be respected. You are always interested in increasing your wisdom. Your emotions are based on your emotions.

Capricorn: Your emotions are reserved and you want to administrate. You thrive for success.

Aquarius: Your emotions are rationalized and you think before you feel. You need to be inventive and to be socially important.

Pisces: Feeling is your need. Your creativity and sense of sacrifice will dominant your emotions. You see what others cannot.