Effect of Shani Sadesati in 2019 – 2020 for 12 Moonsign

 Effect of Shani Sadesati in 2019 – 2020 for 12 Moonsign
Pt.Ishwari Charan Pandey

Pt.Ishwari Charan Pandey

Monkvyasa Astrologer 7th February 2019

Effect of Shani Sadesati in 2019 – 2020 for 12 Moonsigns –

Shani deo is in Sagittarius . all natives belonging to 12 moonsignes shall be affected more or less (according to horoscope ) in manner mentioned as under –

1-Aries –

The change is good ,now is free from Dhaiya . Pending work will be materialised in positive manner.

Luck will favour and bring money and satisfaction .

2- Taurus –

Dhaiya has started and may enhance problem and unhappiness due to ill health and loss of money .

Such natives should offer pooja to Shanideo , Chant mantra of Shanideo .

3 – Gemini –

There is possibility of marriage of unmarried .Enhancement of profitable relation with clients and boss . Natives will enjoy good health and get money.

4 – Cancer –

Natives may face struggle on several fronts , more labour , sincerity are required for average and good result .Chant Shani mantra and offer pooja .

5 – Leo –

There is chance of success and gain in job and work . Natives who are in service may get promotion and /or benefit and increment. Health will improve .

6 – Virgo -

Dhaiya of Shani will bring ill health, tension and loss of money .Business ,service , job may negatively be affectd .offer pooja and chant mantra of Shanideo .

7 – Libra –

These natives will be benefited .Business , job etc .shall improve .Natives who are in politics shall improve position and power . May also get larger benefit.

8 – Scorpio –

Last phase of sadesati is good , gain ,profit and benefit are in offing . There will be better social status .Benefit of moveable properties , vehicle according to status and position of Shani in horoscope may be bought .

9 -Sagittarius –

Second phase of sadesati is to give mixed effects ,negativity will be more , ill health , tension in family .Be cautious of loss of prestige and money .perform pooja and chant mantra of Shanideo.

10 – Capricorn –

First phase of sadesati is to bring loss of money ,ill health. Businessmen , Government and private Co’s servants will be worried due to unfavourable circumstances .Do pooja and chant mantra of Shanideo .

11 – Aquarius –

Difference of views and opinion with family members and friends . Income and profit will comperatively be less , ill health and anxiety may happen .Do pooja and chant mantra of Shanideo .

12 – Pisces –

Good for money and relation with opposite sex . improvement and better circumstances at workplace . Enhancement in position , power . Benefit and profit in business .