Divorce or separation in astrology

Divorce or separation in astrology
Ankita Bajpai

Ankita Bajpai

Monkvyasa Astrologer 28th February 2017

Hello readers,

Here i am discussing about divorce and separation in astrology. It will be very benificial for those youngsters who are looking for their life partner. Divorce and separation between married couple has become very common these days. Marriage is an important event of ones life. One has to analyze the compatibility factors , dasha sandhi, ascendants and strength of ascendants for a better match making.

Only gun milan is not enough in match making for a happy married life, planetery positions in horoscope is also very important and it must be considered before taking steps ahead. 

In my practical exeperience i have seen few malefic planets ; sun, rahu, saturn, mars and ketu are prime planets who determine divorce, separation and conflicts. These malefic planets have strong separative force. And these malefic planets spoil married life if connected with 7th house or 1st house. They are not only responsible for divorce or separation but also delay or struggle in marriage. Let me tell you that how they become responsible.. 

Sun -  Sun is hot in nature and this is the planet of ego and pride. Due to authoritative and egoistic nature of partner there would be disharmony in relationship. If somehow sun is afflicted or ill placed or connected to 7th house it will creat conflicts between couples. If sun is placed in 1st or 7th house it gives divorce. Only this is not enough to determine divorce , if the house where sun is placed is not enimical sign it will creat conflicts or situation where partners blame each other or will exchange hot words but finally divorce will not happen. To be definite to take any decision D-9 chart mus be considered  in case of marriage. If the rashi chart and D-9 chart both are indicating towards divorce then there is no doubt that divorce will happen. Association or aspects of benific planets can reduce the possibility of divorce. 

Mars -  In astrology mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house is called Manglik dosh or kuj dosha. Mars is the planet if quarrels, physical harasment, and mischief, Causing misunderstanding between couples and even separation or divorce if the affiliction is more aggravated. It is said that mars in 7th house gives a quarrelsome and dominating wife/husband. However benific aspects or association modifies the gravity. If mars is placed in marriage related houses especially in 1st or 7th house gives physical and verbal fights and quarrels. If mars is formed any rajyoga or placed in his own house without affiliction of other malefic planets it can give a happy married life. 

Saturn -  Saturn is the king of making misunderstanding and they slowly converts into quarrels, conflicts and finally divorce. If saturn is associated with marriage related houses especially 1st and 7th house it will make someone very suspicious in nature and will always doubt their partners. Saturn keeps always unsatisfied with his/her married life. Saturn also gives impotency or incapibility to bear a male child and this is too sometimes becomes the reason behind the divorce. Sometimes saturn keeps the married couples away from each other through the life, there may not be any official divorce but unofficially.

Rahu -  Rahu is to be said like saturn and hence delaying planet and it is incendiary planet too. Also it is called the planet of separation. If rahu is somehow connected with 7th house of sex, the person can not be physically happy or satisfied with their one man or woman; he or she need multiple partners, he or she can not be in one relationship for a long time. Rahu makes a flirt type personality. In maximum cases where rahu is involved in divorce there you will find that physical reason is the main reason behind it and many times it is due to extra marital relationship.

Ketu -  Ketu dosen't give divorce but i have seen that ketu burns all material things into ashes. It aways try to keep away from all earthly matte. If ketu is placed in 7th house of marriage it will make the person reluctant about leading a married life. They are not that much concerned about their partners. Sex is also very limited if there is no other yog horoscope which indicates on overtly sexual characterstics . Don't think that all these matters will happen only due to a planet 's position , some other combination also need to be there, but ketu would be the prime planet. Things could be saved if there might be influence of benific planets. Ketu dosen't always give divorce if it is not under the bad influence. 

    NOTE :-   1. If above mentioned planets are in their mutual enemy's house or afflicted by any malefic planet or debilitated then separation happens.

2. If both planet and houses are under bad influence then separation happens. 

3. But if any aboved mentioned combination is aspected by or conjoined with strong benific planet, the separation can be reunion between the couples after divorce. 

4. If the 7th house lord is placed in 6th house then also divorce can happen but benific planet's influence can diminish the chances of separation. 

5. If 7th house lordcojoins with the 6th ot 8th houae lord and badly afflicted by malefic planets, separation can happen. 

6. When the 7th house lord is retrograde or combusted or weak then also separation or divorce happens. 

7. If saturn and rahu both or any of them are in acscendant and those are connected with or represent any bad house then the separation between couples is must and reunion is very rare in such kind of cases. And some times it also indicates legal harasment at time of divorce. 

     So i would say that all the above mentioned malefic planets are very much considerable in match making to save the future from divorce or separation in marriage. 


  -  Ankita Bajpai 

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