Destiny of education and career in Abroad

Destiny of education and career in Abroad
Pt.Dhirendra kumar  Tiwari

Pt.Dhirendra kumar Tiwari

Monkvyasa Astrologer 17th December 2018

This is most prominent and relavent questions now a days to educate and settle in abroad.Now the world become global village.Every person has opportunities to go abroad for education and job.So its major question how to know whether this son and daughter has better prospects in overseas ie away from birth place.In vaidic astrology 2004 to 2024 is education era.So every body wanted to learn and educate.So its really a prime question that you will prosper in career and education in home town or you will have to go distance place or abroad.

               Now focusing on horoscope of native first see his education part.which child has better opportunities away from his horoscope 2nd house is primary education,language, 4th house is Basic education till degree.For masters in any subject have to see 5th house.For researches and Ph.D we have to see 9th house.So 4th house is primary house to examine for education.As this house is also associated with mentality or mind so its also important to check this for intention of any person for pleasure as 4th lord and mercury is very important.If 4th lord placed in 9th house you will go the other state for education but your country is same.if your 4th lord placed in 11th house you proceed for another distance cities but here also country is same.But if the forth lord is in 12 house or 3rd house you necessarily go abroad for studies.In brief persons 4th and 9th house should be activate for settlement in abroad for the sake of education.So if a child has 4th house lord placed in 12 house or 3rd house motivate them for studies in foreign land or foreign board.

              Now considering for career and job.10th house of native birth chart denotes his career pathway.So connection of 10th house from 12th house or 9th house or 9th lord connected with 12 house than your career has maximum chances to settle in abroad only.Sometimes when in native horoscope 10th lord connected with 3rd house than he has career of moving one place to another so its consider as job of marketing which require travel.Here this is also important is if a person has good communication skill and destiny in digital world communication career than  his communication travel in lieu of his personnel travel or presence.six house is also for connection in job.If you are doing job under someone its 6th house.If job with someone or partner with someone than 7th house and if you are doing your own work than its 10th house.So 10th house is for individual,professional or for your business.So from 10th house we consider profession,from 7th house partner and if you are doing job its 6th house.So for temporary settlement in abroad for job purposes 6th house should be connected with 9th house, and 12 house.For permanent settlement we have to see again 4th house and its status of connection with 12h house and 3rd house than its indication of permanent settlement in abroad for the sake of job purposes.....These are the basics for examination career of an individual in foreign land....In next article I Would be clarify the migration in Eastern or western countries for the sake of education and may consult me( Pt.Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari) for detailed life counseling (career,health,love,marriage,peace,harmony and spiritual pathway) on