Career Astrology – How to take advantage of Muhurt

Career Astrology – How to take advantage of Muhurt
Manoranjan Prusty

Manoranjan Prusty

5th March 2017

The Vedic astrology has many facets. It does foretell almost every area of life. The sages and saints of the Indian Vedic astrology have a prodigious contribution to the people. This esoteric science not only predicts the human fate but also offers preventive, remedial and curative measures.

Since we know, the career, profession and job has a pivotal role in our life, it is extremely important to take advantage of Vedic astrology.

How to take advantage of Muhurt for making your career lucrative

The time and place has a great significance in the life of human being. A positive time can be highly profitable, while a negative time can spoil your career altogether. There is a popular saying “well begun is half done’’. It means the undertaking that is started at the right time can bring half success without any effort.

There is a time to conceive the baby and there is a time to deliver the baby. There is a time to sow the seeds and there is a time to reap.

Hundreds of crows can be killed during the night by a single owl. While, hundreds of owls can get victimized during the day. All these are the example of power of time. Hence, the Muhurt has a significance in our life.

It is very important to admit your kid in the school during the auspicious time to enhance betterment in the studies. Hence, you should check with Panchang for a “Vidyarambha’’ by the help of wise pundit.

Similarly, you should join the new job as per the auspicious time that is suited to your Rashi and Nakshatra.

Finding a suitable Muhurta (Auspicious time) can’t change your fate. However, it will definitely neutralize the negative influence of the planets and you are likely to get achievement with far less effort and time.

How to take advantage of astrology in shaping the career

There are many ways and means to have betterment in career by dint of astrology. There are many cases that come to the astrologer after the completion of the board exam. The parents are particularly worried if their kid should pursue science, arts and commerce. Some intelligent students have been seen consulting astrologer stealthily to track the career path even though they have not come of age.

Again, the student remain in the crossroad after the completion of the 12th degree. This is the ripe time to decide which career path would be most lucrative. At this point of crucial time, once should take a stern decision if one should go for medical science, engineering and defence services etc.

After the completion of the 12th degree, some are lucky to enter into the medical science and some are into engineering. Rest of the students start scratching their head in puzzlement and pursue the graduation in the different subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematic, economics, geography, history, literature and many others.

However, this is the not the end. There are excellent career options after the completion of the graduation. One can go for the MBA and civil services in the government segment. Of late, there have been a great demand for the social media junkies and IT professionals. It is very important to consult a qualified and wise astrologer as to which field is better for making a lucrative career.

Career and Planets

There are nine planets in the science of astrology. These 9 planets have different roles for different profession. I am going to explain about all the 9 planets and their professional attributes.

If the planet Sun is the lord of the 10th house or the house of profession and career, then you should go for the profession pertaining to political affair, management, administration, entrepreneurs, government services, civil services, gems and jewellery etc.

When the planet Moon rules of over the 10th house, you should pursue your career in the field of agriculture, shipping, milk products, water profile, petroleum, perfume or anything that relates to water.

If the planet Mars is the lord of the 10th house, then you should go for the segment of defense, security, police, para military, surgical equipment, management, firemen and druggist etc.

When the planet Mercury is the lord of the 10th house, it is wise to go for the professional study and craft a career in the field of media and advertising, educational sector, telecom, computer science, social media, internet, trading, astrology, mathematics, law, research and business etc.

If the planet Jupiter rules over the 10th house in your natal chart, then you should go for the profession relating to finance, banking, revenue, accounts, philosophy, astrology, spirituality and psychology etc.

The planet Venus rules over the profession pertaining to art, movies, acting, food, hotel and hospitality and transport etc.

When the planet Saturn rules over the 10th house or the house of profession, then you must not forget to enter into the field of mining, coals, iron and steel, petrol, detective services, chemical and also agriculture.

If you follow these astrological parameters, it will help you to make a phenomenal career with a short span of time.