Astrology can Help Prevent Losing a Job

Astrology can Help Prevent Losing a Job


Monkvyasa Astrologer 12th September 2016

During my astrological consultancy, I have met hundreds of executives who have been fired, laid off, or passed over for promotion. Often, I find them through the various stages of loss of rational thinking. Sometimes they fail to handle their emotions, or they don’t realize their unfitness or simply they are overconfident and ignore the developments behind them in company. Many of them never make it to the “acceptance” stage that they may be even fired. Astrology reveals every stage of our performance and also our course of action in doing a job. People forget to share success with their colleagues and subordinates due to affliction on Mars. Out of this arrogance, if they fail, they start blaming too much on external causes. Their whole motto is to protect their self-esteem. If Rahu is inauspiciously involved with other malefics, it will prevent a person from learning and accepting the genuine trouble. They don’t examine their role in failure. This is further devastating, if you talk to your friend or your wife or family members to gain sympathy. They all will not judge you the way company did. They will collectively declare it an injustice done to you. If you are running in the dasha (period) or antardasha (sub-period) of 6th lord or planet placed in 6th house, you will not be able to consider your own culpability and this destructive behavior will only increase your problem. Here Rahu will prevent you to take an honest feedback of your deeds.

If damage control measures of Astrology be applied on native, he bounces back and takes a decidedly different approach with positive and humble approach. How long will you be in the state of grief and blaming psyche is also a planetary privilege. If somehow, Jupiter is actively involved, you will collect honest feedback from your superiors, peers or real well-wishers, and not only consolation.

Consider the case of my client Mr. Amit Kumar (name changed). He is a senior partner in an electronic company selling cell phones, television set, LED systems etc. mostly imported from China. He is a champion in making growth plan. He had hoped to lead the company’s new Ahmadabad office. When another partner was selected, Amit Kumar was annoyed. He immediately came to me and explained his problem. I suggested him properly only because he had discussed the whole episode to me. It facilitated me to measure his strong planets, period and sub-periods, current transit and the state of his Moon. Upon my briefing, he resolved to take more productive steps. He arranged one-on-one meetings with other three partners. At the start of each meeting, he explained that he was not trying to repeal the decision; he just wanted to understand why it had been made. As per my suggestion, he took care not to sound bitter or show arrogance with his partners. He maintained a positive approach and willingness to learn from the system. As a result, other partners gave him useful

remarks: they all appreciated his aggressiveness as an asset in Delhi but worried that it would get in the way of securing new distributors and sellers and running an office in Ahmadabad. He appreciated the frankness of his partners and immediately called me up and told me that his style of functioning got in the way of this opportunity. He thanked me for the issue that was resolved amicably in a healthy atmosphere due to timely astrological suggestion.

But the most amazing thing of my experience as an astrologer is that almost always planetary combination gets detected only after happening. The sole reason for this is that native doesn’t bother to take guidance prior to the event. They are not even interested in thinking about that in their happy period. The byproduct of loss of job is strained relationship; health issues surfaces, depression and emotional loss etc. So, while analyzing a horoscope for the purpose, one should not focus on one or two patches of professionally tough period. One should be advised considering full impact of planetary combination in an integrated way.

The movable signs and running of inauspicious planetary dasha causes instability and/or frequent changes in job. The influence of sixth lord main dasha or sub-period generates fear of losing job or causes disciplinary/legal problems. The impact of eighth house lord main dasha or sub-period causes obstacles and delays in job related matters. While the influence of twelfth house lord causes changes and losses in job. The planets having relations with sixth, eighth or twelfth houses may also cause job problems during their planetary dasha. We can summarize some points as under:

Involving Sixth House:

1. 6th house indicates job problems related to mental and physical health and wellbeing.

2. In case, 6th is debilitated sign native’s all efforts will be wasted.

3. Moon placed in 6th house shows emotional issues and frequent job change.

4. Mars, Mercury and Saturn combined in 6th house indicates setbacks due to laziness and inefficiency.

5. Rahu placed in 6th house indicates setback in career.

6. Mercury placed in 6th house may cause differences with colleagues.

7. Saturn in 6th house gives problems with co-workers.

8. Afflicted Mars in 6th house creates bad temperament making native unpopular.

Involving Tenth House:

1. If 10th lord is debilitated, retrograde or weak obstacles and setbacks in career.

2. Afflicted Mercury related to 10th house/lord causes mental stress and incompatibility.

3. Afflicted Saturn connected with 10th house will give lack of opportunities, dull professional periods, opposition from subordinates and disappointment in career.

4. Afflicted Venus linked may cause disgrace in professional life due to sexual scandals.

5. In case afflicted Mars is 10th lord or are placed in 10th house, native will display over ambition, arrogance, and aggressiveness and invite opposition and disrespect in job.

6. Afflicted Sun may cause dishonour and disgrace in job due to the egoistic nature.

7. Adverse Moon connected to 10th house in any way indicates fluctuation in career, frequent job change, also frequent transfers.

Some Other Combinations:

1. The influence of dasha or sub period of 8th lord causes termination, obstacles etc.

2. If 10th house falls in cruel signs [Aries, Capricorn, Leo and Scorpio] indicates very dominating and aggressive nature of boss, responsible for professional discord.

3. The dasha or antar dasha (sub period) of 6th house/lord causes regular job changing, facing disciplinary and legal problems.

4. Saturn and Mars if conjunct in 10th house form Angarak or explosive Yoga and causes abrupt transfer, job change and termination.

5. Major period or sub period of the afflicted lord of movable sign causes insecurity, instability and frequent job changes.

6. Saturn and Moon combined in 10th house form Vish or poison yoga responsible for extreme mood swing of the native which is dangerous for stability in job..

7. Major period or sub-period of 12th house lord causes termination and sudden loss of job and rarely imprisonment.

Thus, Astrology is capable of guiding your exclusive path brilliantly by microscopic analysis of your horoscope. However, pacifying worship (shanti pooja) of negative planets causing problems; and strengthening of relevant positive planets in your horoscope can provide a boost to your career and job prospect further.