Analyse of Female Horoscope

Analyse of Female Horoscope
admin Monkvyasa

admin Monkvyasa

15th September 2016

Though the general rules regarding the 7th house are the same for men as well as for women, still there are some special points to be observed in the female charts. This may be due to the special psychological makeup of the women. Her Mangalya is read from the 8th house, issue from the 9th, beauty from the ascendant, husband and attractiveness from the 7th and association as well as chastity from the 4th house. Benefics and their lords in these houses confer good results, whereas malefics cause havoc. Some authorities hold that the Lagna stands for the women’s brilliance, fame and wealth, the 5th house for children and the 9th and the planets posited therein for asceticism and tranquility. If both the ascendant and the Moon are housed in even signs and aspected by benefics, the women will be blessed with ideal character, prosperity, ornaments, husband and sons. If the ascendant and the Moon be in odd signs and be aspected by or conjoined with malefics, she would be masculine is disposition, of crooked mind, poor, fierce and not obedient to the husband. The result would be mixed.

If the 7th house or its Navamsa be Sign owned by a benefics, the woman’s husband would be possessed of lustre, fame, learning and wealth, provided the planets and the signs concerned are strong and unafflicted, poor, deceitful and will be live away from her. If the 7th house and its Amsa belongs to Mars or if Mars occupies either of them, she will be widowed or will be at loggerheads with the husband. She will be abandoned by her husband if there be a weak malefic in the 7th aspected by a benefic. If, on the other hand, the planets in these places are of a mixed nature, she will be remarried. Presence of malefics in the 8th house without benefic aspect will destroy the husband. However, should there be benefics in the 2nd house, the woman herself would pass away earlier. If the ascendant be an odd sign, the masculine planets as well as the Moon, Mercury and Venus be possessed of much strength and Saturn of moderate strength, she would be a dependant and have many husbands. On the other hand a girl in whose horoscope the ascendant is an even sign and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus strong, will be famous, chaste, intelligent, learned and wealthy.

If the 7th Bhava or its Navamsa belongs to a benefic, the women will have beautiful hips and be auspicious. If the trine are occupied by weak malefics, she may either be barren or will lose her children. If the Moon be posited in the 5th house identical with an Alpasuta sign ( Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio) she will have very few children. If the 7th house or its Navamsa belongs to Mars, Saturn or the Sun, her genital organ will be diseased. If the lord of the ascendant, the 7th and 9th house and the sign occupied by the Moon be posited in good houses , conjoined with benefics and be bright, the subject would be clever in doing meritorious deeds, endowed with beauty and good fortune, and respected by her kinsmen. She will be devoted to her husband, of ideal character and be blessed with good sons. The period of her sound health and Mangalya has to be read from the influence of benefic on the 8th house.

Nature of husband: when a girl’s horoscope is presented to you for examination, you can have a fair idea as to what kind of boy she is going to get for a husband. Here is more details

If the 7th house is devoid of strength and planets and is aspected by malefics and not by benefics, the girl will have a wretched fellow for a husband.

If the 7th house be occupied by Mercury and Saturn or owned by either of them, the husband would be impotent.

If the 7th house be a movable sign and its lord in a movable sign or Amsa, her husband would always be away from home.

If the sun be there in his own Amsa or Sign, the husband would be gentle in sexual activities.

If it be the Moon similarly situated in her own Rashi or Amsa in the 7th, he would be gentle in his sex life.

If it be Mars, he would be poor and adulterous.

If it be Mercury, he would be learned and happy.

If Jupiter, virtuous and self controlled.

If Venus, handsome and ease loving

If Saturn, aged and foolish.

If the lord of the 9th house and Jupiter be in 6th, 8th or 12th house, the husband would be short lived, if they be in Kendras, he would be rich and long lived, if they conjoined with Mercury or lord of the 4ht house, learned.