5 most effective factors to consider while finding an astrologer

5 most effective factors to consider while finding an astrologer
Manoranjan Prusty

Manoranjan Prusty

27th February 2017

The esoteric science of astrology is one of the most attention-grabbing subjects in the world. Even the non-believer in astrology tries to unlock the story of his/her life by raising questions stealthily before astrologer. The study and science of astrology has been accepted world over irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

You might be eager to get your fate and fortune studied. However, it is extremely important to find an astrologer with a brainbox.

Does astrology give guaranty

No doubt, astrology is a science. Again, I have an ambiguous mindset. I believe it is neither a science nor an art. It is in fact beyond the science which is not understandable by all and sundry. Most of the people think of foolproof prediction. The people usually expect an unfailing prediction from an astrologer. And this infallible prognostication is not always feasible. This is not only the case in the field of astrology but also in medical science, culinary science and even pedagogy.

The people want an unfailing prediction from an astrologer. The astrologer becomes liar when prediction goes wrong. However, the people never blame doctor when the patient dies of dengue.

When you suffer from dengue, you consult your physician for the cure. However, you never ask the doctor for a guaranteed treatment and your doctor does not even give guaranty.

Similarly, you have a private tutor for your lovable and only son. You tutor never gives guarantee that you son will score 99% in the math.

There is a widespread misconception among the people that the predictive technology of astrology is a pseudo-science. The people argue against it without the fundamental understanding of astrology. The science of astrology is not altogether false. It is a science in the hands of the expert, scholar, research oriented person. While, it is simply a nonsense and idiotic approach of conning the people for the person who is ignorant, reluctant and does not understand the veracity the movement of the stars and planets in the heavenly body.

As we know that “To err is Human”. There is a possibility of failure in the prediction. But, it does not mean it is altogether fake.

We have explained 5 factors about a sagacious astrologer whom you can trust.


1)    Astrologer must be courageous

Courage and confidence is an integral part of a successful astrologer. The astrologer should not be biased on listening your pain and sorrows. The fearful astrologer might not tell the truth. Hence, the remedial measure can go wrong for the problem that you have been facing.

2)    Astrologer must be sagacious

The knowledge of any astrologer should not be confined with only predictive astrology or celestial arithmetic. The astrologer must be versatile with modern knowledge such as history, geography, literature, mathematics and even computer science as well as internet technology. The astrologer must understand the custom and tradition of the people.  

3)    Astrologer must not be devoid of wealth

The important and even most important factors of an astrologer is to be rich. The astrologer must not be leading a life of a pauper. If the astrologer is himself a poor, how can he guide you to make your business lucrative. The wealthy astrologer can guide you better as he will have better mental sanity.

4)    Astrologer must be truthful

The truthfulness is an integral part of an astrologer to predict you with greatest accuracy and honesty. You must try to find an astrologer who is popular for his predictive truthfulness. The truthful astrologer never manipulates or misguides you for his own benefit.

5)    Astrologer must be well-versed in astronomy

The astrologer should not only be well-versed in astrology but also astronomy. It needs lots of astrological arithmetic to calculate the natal chart. Understanding the movements of the stars and planets in the heavenly body can be highly rewarding. The astrologer can better understand the science of Hindu predictive astrology when equipped with astronomical knowledge.