2019 - Yearly Predictions for twelve signs

2019 - Yearly Predictions for twelve signs
Upma Shrivastava

Upma Shrivastava

Monkvyasa Astrologer 29th December 2018

2019 is a special year according to planetary transit, among the nine planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the slow moving planets which take long time to change their sign and affects our lives by their movement. In the natural horoscope Jupiter is the lord of Dharma (spiritual) house and on 30th March 2019, Jupiter is going to enter in its own Sagittarius sign. Benevolent Jupiter is going to bless everyone with spiritual energies, higher education and with good fortunes.

Saturn the Lord of career house which is also known as Karmakarak planet is already transiting from Sagittarius sign and with the transit of Jupiter the combination of Saturn and Jupiter will create auspicious "Dharma karmadhipati" yoga which is auspicious for career purpose.

 On 7th March 2019, Rahu is going to change its sign from Cancer to Gemini and Ketu is going to enter in Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius sign will become very special and important with energies of three planets.


2019 will bring favorable opportunities and it will change the perspective of your life. It is a year of transformation with many ups and down but all will be positive in long term career plan. You will get good opportunities for abroad travel, education, understanding philosophy and metaphysics like subjects. Luck and fortune will bless with desired career growth.

 You will be exposed to a broader world and your views on life will change. 2019 will enrich your consciousness so much that you can no longer live with your old prejudices and beliefs. Your efforts for career enrichment will get fulfilled. Saturn will give you solid base to make a desired career with blessing of Jupiter (Fruitful result of "Dharm karmadhipati yoga"). You will get promotion or desired designation this year. Satisfaction through job is indicated. Your determination active energy, courage, confidence will be higher in 2019. This is a good year to go for adventure or explore business in foreign countries. Financial growth will be slow, need to be careful if you are dealing in trading. Investment in gold or luxury will be helpful. Sudden gains can be expected from March to June' 2019.

Planets are giving favor to do job in foreign country but at same time from 22nd April to 5th November'2019, you may have to live alone.

 Support from seniors will be less in the month of March, June and July. You need to enrich your confidence, relation with seniors and colleagues in this period and avoid arguments. At times there will be challenges in project and can get entangled in office politics in period of April to November. Legal issues can bother business man in this period. Because of these issues there could be pain in hip area or breathing issues can bother.


2019 is a year of transformation for Taurus sign. Your strength depends on stability, focused in work and possessive towards material success. This year circumstances will change your attitude towards life. Self awareness will increase, you will search within yourself what is the aim of life or will experience hidden knowledge is easily appearing. You would like to stay in isolation and align yourself with higher energies. You will not leave in a boundary but will extend your efforts and views.

Desire for knowledge of the unknown or mystical matters will enrich or you will go in research work. In this year you will try to find out things which can make life peaceful and will also work for better relationship. You will do research, investigations for benefit of society.

There will be change of job in period of January to April. This is also good time for name, fame and money. But soon after this from 22nd April to November, there will be challenges at work place to prove your worth. You need to be aware of communication. Your power of speech can bring positive or negative results. Hidden enemies will come upfront to defame or pull you in legal issues which will bring mental stress too. This is a good year for doctors, medical professionals, healers, investigators and government officials.

This is a good time to take a loan from bank or use resources of others. You will get help from your partner, colleagues and seniors. Your main expenses will be on travelling and education. In 2019 you will confront your own inhibition and self restrictions as well as the restrictions placed upon you by circumstances. You may wish to break free of them in order to enlarge your scope of activity so that you can go places and do things that you have never been able to do earlier.


Gemini is a sign of air element and your strength is movement. 2019 is going to give you speed and movement in life. There will be many situations in which churning of thoughts will increase and it will be difficult for you to take one decision quickly. You will be influenced by peer and society pressure.

 2019 is filled with many colors for you. In professional life you will get benefitted but will face many challenges. Tussle situation will make you more bold and courageous. You will be in dilemma what to do both at personal and professional front. By and large this transit favors the formation and maintenance of all kinds of partnership including marriage and one to one relationship.

There will be feeling of stuck in career and you will desire to improve and enrich your career but situations will not permit you. Jupiter planet of expansion and Saturn a planet of restriction are not allowing you to break the pattern.

At starting things will move at good pace but things will not be in your favor till April 2019. Seniors will expect more work from you till 22nd April. 2019 is not a favorable year to look for change of company, it is a year to work in a current company and patiently wait for next year. Be aware of your commitments. Avoid doing commitments which you are unable to complete. False commitment can entangle in complex situation or in lawsuits in period of April to 5th November.

2019 is a favorable year for businessman you can expand business and can invite partners or investors in your business. You will easily get loan for business expansion. This is a beneficial year for overseas business.

 Avoid taking decisions in haste and many times there will be illusions like things are going in a good way but you need to discriminate between what is favorable for you. Avoid getting temptations of quick money, there can be loss of finance from May to October.


Cancer is a water element, emotional, soft and nurturing sign. Cancer persons needs emotional dependability and security. 2019 is a year of becoming more practical and confident.

Jupiter the Lord of luck and fortune house is blessing you with good fortune, finance and relationship till 30th March 2019 but opportunities will not come you in a simple easy way. Saturn is going to take your test of patience. There will be many obstacles in professional life which will affect personal life too.

This is a year of responsibility, hard work and be aware of office environment. At times you will feel overwhelming with your responsibilities and you may not feel equal to the challenges. If you are employed you may find it difficult to live up to your employees demands, which can lead to difficulties on the job. This situation is made worse by feeling that even if you did better you would not be adequately recognized for your efforts. You will need to enrich your skills to give better performance in your professional matters. You need to increase your stamina and energy for efficient working. If you burst your energy to give your best, your health will suffer.

 Saturn Jupiter and Ketu the combination of these three planets are going to make you multitasking. You need to change your lifestyle to be in harmony with work and health. Avoid taking financial decisions in emotions. From 22nd April to 5th November you should be careful about office your environment, in this period you will need to change job because of office politics.

 It is a neutral year for businessman, you have to face competition and will win over enemies with your perception and ethics. You need to be careful for legal and investigation activities. Government officials will keep bothering. Pending legal issue or tax related issue will give mental stress.


Sun the king of planetary Kingdom is the lord of Leo sign, it is a fire element sign. The presence of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu in previous birth good karmas, intelligence and entertainment house will keep activated this house for complete year and give you various benefits. It is a period of good opportunity for personal growth, increased wisdom along with greater freedom of self expression.

 Your creative potential in the stream of arts, acting, choreography or entertainment will get enriched. It will also give you good opportunity for career purpose in these areas. Name, fame and recognition is indicated in 2019. It is a favorable year for media, marketing, finance, sales, entertainment and creative professionals. Healers, psychotherapist and NLP practitioners or life coach will get enriched knowledge. Your healing energies will help people more effectively. Lawyers will get benefit from April to November'2019. Businessman can do expansion of business till 30th March and then can do regular work. If you in export- import business, there can be obstacles due to policies after June.

In your career opportunities there will be some restrictions or there will be some relationship which will divert your mind from focused purpose. You will face some challenges and can feel drained.

From January to 30th March'2019, is a favorable period to look for good opportunity. You can also look for jobs in foreign country. From April to 5th November, do not take risk for changing job even though situation will not be good in current company. Decisions taken in this period can go wrong if obstacles giving planetary dashas are going on in birth chart. From April to 5th November you will have temptations for quick money and can go for speculation. From 5th November there are indication for loss of money.


Mercury the communicate, analytical and calculating planet is the lord of Virgo sign. Virgo which is the number 6 sign in natural horoscope rules health therefore Virgos tend to be very interested in hygiene and health care and they like to be done everything in a systematic perfect way. 2019 will give you opportunities to do something out of the ordinary to promote your career. You will become more visible and make yourself marketable by learning some new or unusual skills. If you desire work in foreign country it will also be possible.

This year you will be filled with confidence and desire to be in a powerful position or you may wish to lead a team. You will also try to change your profile and materialistic success will become more prominent. At the same time planets are not easily going to give you support. From 30 March 2 November 2019 your family life will be unsettled and it will divert your focus from professional to personal life. Be careful if you are looking for change in a job in the month of February and March, your decisions can go wrong and you will again change your job in the month of July. Support from seniors will be less in the period of March till July 2019. It is your examination time both at personal and professional level things will be entangled and you will not be able to work properly.

Import - export or online business will see many changes this year. Businessman need to be very careful while dealing with finance or purchasing stock in the month of May, June and July. There can be legal or tax related issues in 2nd half of year. Real estate, construction and oil related business will go with ups and down. It is a favorable year for consultant, politician and nurturing and educational. Business like hotels, hospitals and agriculture will also be benefited.


Affectionate, friendly, loving, social, elegant, graceful and sensual Venus is the lord of Libra sign. It is a sign of relationship, for Libra's relationship is very important factor and Saturn being a friendly planet of Venus supports relationship through public and friends.

2019 will restructure your mind with positive attitude, habit, style of speaking and ways of listening. Your self-awareness will increase and will pay attention on subconscious mind. Your communication with others will increase and you will be able to explain what is going in your mind and you are less subject to failures. At the same time you will become more open minded and willing to talk about every aspect of a given issue whether it relates to emotional or career related.

Your determination and efforts will give positive result. You will become more courageous, bold to accept challenges and would like to take risk from June 2019. You will sign more deals and will increase business with others. This is a good time to travel foreign country or do business in abroad. It is a favorable year for lawyers, writers, publishers, sports person and advisers. You can do investments in gold and property.

If you have to write something or make an important contact be well prepared or you will have to do it over again. Double check that you have everything in order if you are giving seminar or instructions to others. If you want to change job, 30th March to 5th'November 2019 is a favorable period. This change will be job change with residence (will shift to another city) . You will get good designation but financially it will be reasonable.


Competitive, impatient, adventurous and courageous Mars rules Scorpio sign. It is a sign which is difficult to understand. Scorpio is a water element sign and its lord Mars is fiery.

In 2019 things we value will become more important. There will be difficulties in finance and family. You need to do gain strength on psychological and spiritual level to get material things. Your control over material possessions will seem to be slipping from your hands. Be careful with your finances and be economical. Examine your finances to make sure everything is in order there could be ups and downs with your finances during 30th March to November'2019. Take an active role in making sure your finances stay stable. Be honest with people but speak the truth sweetly you might get eye ailments, dental and facial issues.

Above all do not become concerned with them any more than you have to in order to function in your everyday world. You can do investments in jewellery, precious metals and on health. Resist extravagance and over spending on luxury items. Try not to get overlooked and make sure there is no confusion about what you are accountable for. Someone might take credit for what you have done.

At workplace from January to March things will be difficult. Seniors will not support and you will feel neglected. From 30th March to 5th November it is a good time to look for new opportunity. You can even change your job and will get a good job for betterment. In this period you can get opportunities from foreign country too. Be careful if office environment is not good this is a period when you can suddenly loss of job can appear.

 Businessman need to be very careful in the period of January to 31 March, it is a period when someone will create illusions of giving good business but it can turn into loss. From 30th March things are favorable, you will get good profits and can expand your business. If you are looking for investor for or loan from Bank for Business expansion, it could also be possible. Make sure you have good commitment and alignment for any activity you share with others.


 Generous Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius sign and Sun which represents the soul becomes the lord of 9th house of religion and luck is going to bless Sagittarians with spiritual energies and fortunes. Sagittarians are interested in gaining knowledge and likes to work in multiple profession. In 2019 you will learn and gain new experiences all this will be part of personal growth. The Spiritual dimension of your life should be greater now.

2019 is a time of introversion and introspection of inner-self and office environment. The more you get in touch with yourself during the next few years the most successful you will be in the future. Saturn has a way of forcing you to deal with the appropriate issues since this is a time for looking inward. 2019 will present difficulties if you have elaborate commitments in the outer world.

At work place you will get pleasant surprises in 201. If you feel like moving or switching job it could be possible from 30th march to 5th November. You need to be proactive and prepare to make a change at work on a routine and meet your responsibilities in time. From January to 30 March there will be misunderstandings with colleagues. Someone might feel jealous and can do back biting. You will be sensitive to get entangle in office politics due to dispute.

 From January to 30th March'2019 business profits might be on the rise and there could be new opportunities too. Start creating new life for yourself redefine your work habits use a strategy of small victories. Give enough time to things to avoid setbacks and delays. You may feel sluggish and sometimes depressed due to transit of Saturn in Sagittarius sign. From 30th March to 5th November is not a good time to build a new business. You might have to work harder to keep things in routine.


"See the job, do the job and avoid the misery" this is the key word to deal to face the situations in 2019. You will get new responsibilities and need to be focused. The combination of Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu will give you tough time to strengthen your skills and abilities to make you powerful person. You will feel pressure for tremendous changes both in the direction of life and in manner of proceeding in that direction. Heed these pressures for they are the first signs of the new order that is about to begin in your life.

Issues from the past will appear and there will be lot more mental and emotional distress. You might not feel like you can be clear enough at this time, the mind is discontinuous and unfocused. A will need to take loan.

2019 is a year of transformation and every transformation phase is a difficult. The hidden issues of the past will surface and need to be addressed. Be aware of secret enemies lurking around to defame you.

From January to 30th March' 2019 it is a time to get promotion or increment. If you are looking for new job from 30th March for the rest of the year, it is not a good period to take any risk in career. Colleagues will give stressful situations, they will gossip behind the scenes and may cause problems at workplace. Legal disputes surface providing the strength and ambition to win a case.

Businessmen need to be very careful while hiring new employees for there is the risk of thieves and loss through them. A strong sense of responsibility inspires over work and tendency to overcome pressure but at times no appreciation from others. Confrontations with seniors and business partner disrupt the workflow.


Aquarius being 11 no sign in a natural horoscope indicates material gains and finances. Saturn a disciplined, patient and conservative planet is the lord of Aquarius sign but on the other hand Uranus is a co-ruler of this sign which makes Aquarians technology oriented and scientific thinker.

2019 is a benevolent year for finance and gains from investments. The efforts you are doing to fulfill hopes, desires and objectives of life can now get accomplished. The combination of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu will create tussling situations. At times you will be in puzzling situation to be generous to give help others or stay back. On one side you will feel temptation for quick money and other side you will think for spiritual enlightenment. From 30th March 2019 to 5th November, it is not a good time for change of job this is this is a period when obstacles will be on higher side or you will join a company where you won't be able to work for long period. It is a favorable year for financial advisors, bankers and consultants. Professionals who are in service industry, writing, publishing and relationship counselor will get benefitted.

 Sense of humor, adaptability and open mindedness will give popularity. Money will come from the ability to speak and appeal to diverse groups. Promotion of the arts, creativity and artistic pursuits are a part of the values and the community. Popularity gives the opportunity to represent many organizations. Your grace and charm come natural and social graces are innate. You will meet influential and powerful people in life which will give you right opportunity you require. True intelligence, creativity, sense of destiny, generosity, entertainment and speculation will influence you from April to November 2019. Your advice will change life of many persons. Be aware of compulsive and obsessive behavior do not rule you.

Businessman will get good gains from 30th March to complete year. There will be few ups and downs, if you do blind trust. Avoid doing blind trust as 2019 can bother you with legal complications. From January to 30th march there are chances of loss or heavy penalty in form of tax or to government office.


 Jupiter is the lord of Pisces sign also governs career house. In 2019 Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu these 3 planets are blessing you with career opportunities. Your profession, social status and reputation will get enriched. This is a year you can expect a promotion, public recognition and other esteem of your contemporaries. Your travel will increase. Your work profile will also get raised and professionals who are in medicine, healing, law, education and travel will get benevolent time.

 This is a period when seniors will have great expectations and at times they will not give you desired support. In your professional life you will gain many responsibility including management and leadership. You will also get the opportunity to make an impression upon the world as an individual. From 30 March to 5th November is a period when work which is done in the past can influence your current position. You may become so focused on external affairs like job, social, prestige, status that you can overlook what is happening in your personal life and it can disturb your professional life.

Businessman will get good benefits and can plan for extending business in foreign countries. Online business will also get good profits. There will be opportunities from foreign sources. Abroad travel can get increased, you may even get opportunity to stay in abroad. Commitment issue can bother. People will not complete their commitment and it will become a cause of concern. In November and December month, keep yourself directed and on track or you will end up feeling fragmented and disconnected. All this can give you pain in chest region.