2019 - Yearly Predictions for TAURUS

2019 - Yearly Predictions for TAURUS
Upma Shrivastava

Upma Shrivastava

Monkvyasa Astrologer 29th December 2018

2019 is a special year according to planetary transit, among the nine planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the slow moving planets which take long time to change their sign and affects our lives by their movement. In the natural horoscope Jupiter is the lord of Dharma (spiritual) house and on 30th March 2019, Jupiter is going to enter in its own Sagittarius sign. Benevolent Jupiter is going to bless everyone with spiritual energies, higher education and with good fortunes.

Saturn the Lord of career house which is also known as Karmakarak planet is already transiting from Sagittarius sign and with the transit of Jupiter the combination of Saturn and Jupiter will create auspicious "Dharma karmadhipati" yoga which is auspicious for career purpose.

 On 7th March 2019, Rahu is going to change its sign from Cancer to Gemini and Ketu is going to enter in Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius sign will become very special and important with energies of three planets.


2019 is a year of transformation for Taurus sign. Your strength depends on stability, focused in work and possessive towards material success. This year circumstances will change your attitude towards life. Self awareness will increase, you will search within yourself what is the aim of life or will experience hidden knowledge is easily appearing. You would like to stay in isolation and align yourself with higher energies. You will not leave in a boundary but will extend your efforts and views.

Desire for knowledge of the unknown or mystical matters will enrich or you will go in research work. In this year you will try to find out things which can make life peaceful and will also work for better relationship. You will do research, investigations for benefit of society.

There will be change of job in period of January to April. This is also good time for name, fame and money. But soon after this from 22nd April to November, there will be challenges at work place to prove your worth. You need to be aware of communication. Your power of speech can bring positive or negative results. Hidden enemies will come upfront to defame or pull you in legal issues which will bring mental stress too. This is a good year for doctors, medical professionals, healers, investigators and government officials.

This is a good time to take a loan from bank or use resources of others. You will get help from your partner, colleagues and seniors. Your main expenses will be on travelling and education. In 2019 you will confront your own inhibition and self restrictions as well as the restrictions placed upon you by circumstances. You may wish to break free of them in order to enlarge your scope of activity so that you can go places and do things that you have never been able to do earlier.